Chocolate Pour Boxes

Last week I posted a trial of some chocolate pour boxes for Mothers Day. Here’s a few more of the creations we’ve made in the CA kitchen this week for sale at our local markets.

Rocky Road Heart Box with Strawberry Rose

This is the easiest type of pour box to create from this mould, as you can simply half fill it with chocolate and press the rocky road ingredients into the wet chocolate. This has a turkish delight piece coated in icing sugar, but cut in half to reveal the pink fleshy surface so it looks like jewels in a jewellery box. I also added some marshmallows, dried cranberries and organic whole macadamia nuts, pushing them down far enough that they are half coated in chocolate to firmly hold them in. I didn’t add coconut to the main block, but instead sprinkled shredded coconut over the wet chocolate of the lid. When turned out, the coconut will coat the underside of the lid like velvet of a jewellery box.

The weight is around 250 grams for the main box and 60 grams for the lid.

I finished the pour box with some pink lustre dust brushed across the lid using a large paint brush and a back and forward sweeping motion. The lid has ridges which catch the lustre dust using this brush technique.

The final touch was adding a pink strawberry hand painted rose to the lid and wrapping it in cellophane presented in a crystal dish which I picked up from Vinnies for $3. Ta daaaaa….

Rocky Road Pour Box

Rocky Road Pour Box with Strawberry Rose and pink lustre dust


White Chocolate Rocky Road Heart with Rocky Road Rose

Another mould which is easier to use solid is this heart version which comes with 3 different heart sizes.  It’s a bit difficult to use as a pour box because it only has 1 of each size heart – 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small. It is intended for a variety of uses, but deep enough for a pour box. I filled it once for the lids, set those, then did a second round for the bases which I filled with rocky road ingredients as above. I then decided that I wanted to layer a few lids with multi sized hearts in both white and dark, which put my numbers off and left me without lids for some. Ooops!

White Chocolate Rocky Road Pour Box

White Chocolate Rocky Road Pour Box with Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Rose

Mixed Mini Pour Boxes

Mixed Mini Pour Boxes


Dark Courverture Rose Filled White Couverture Heart

This solid white case is made using a deep mould. It is difficult to remove the item unless it is fully contracted, but worth the effort. The inside of the box ends up beautiful and shiny with a smooth surface and a deep holder for other chocolates or fillings. It is about 3 inches deep in total.

The lid can be a bit delicate so be careful when turning it out so it doesn’t break. It is simple to stick on some chocolates as illustrated, but you could also add some lustre dust to the lid for even more impact. I’ve filled this with 30 mini chocolate roses in a combination of dark, milk, coffee and metallic lillies.

Dark Rose Filled White Pour Box

Dark Rose Filled White Pour Box


White Chocolate Rocky Road Heart

This adorable plate needed something with green to offset its beautiful colours so its loaded with mint green turkish delight and embellished with green and pearl lustre dust. You may notice a lot of photos in this section using that plate, and I’m glad I did because it sold along with this beautiful pour box. You may notice some bubbles in the rose, 4 small ones on the bottom half of the rose. This can be avoided by tapping the mould for longer and checking the underside by  holding it level above your head and looking under the mould to see if there are dark holes. If the chocolate has started to cool and set, it will be more likely to get more bubbles and needs to be tapped for longer.

White Chocolate Rocky Road Pour Box

White Chocolate Rocky Road Pour Box with metallic green lustre dust and a coffee rose with lime leaves on top. The photos never do justice to the metallic finish on the top of the chocolate!! This is a green powder oil based colouring mixed with white pearl lustre dust, brushed across the lid with wide sweeping movements which leaves colour on the raised lines.


Deconstructed Rocky Road Double Heart Box

This one sold before I could take a decent photo. It was a double heart pour box, the same as the dark chocolate version I tested last week, and I simply filled it with the ingredients that would be contained in rocky road, neatly organised inside the box. It contained 2 large pieces of turkish delight, 3 marshmallows, 5 macadamia nuts, 20 dried cranberries and a little pile of shredded coconut. I was being silly when I made this, making a bit of fun of the television programs these days which use such silly terms!

To replicate, simply put a bit of effort into the display of the ingredients inside your pour box, and try to keep a straight face when you tell your friends what it is called.

Deconstructed Rocky Road

Deconstructed Rocky Road. Sorry about the photo quality, it’s a zoom from a wide angle shot of my market stall – the only photo I took!


Decorations and Embellishments

Edible lustre dust is available in all good cake shops (,, and can either be applied directly into the mould before adding the chocolate, or brushed on after with cocoa butter and an air brush gun or dry with a paint brush. I use a paint brush to polish the dust onto the surface of the chocolate, but you should note that it will not entirely stick and it is essential that the chocolate does not sweat which is caused by condensation when being removed from the fridge.

Other decorations can be made using moulds with really small or detailed options such as the strawberries, mini roses, mini frogs and mini daisies in the pic below. If you put a bit of time into making these detailed elements to add to the top, you can keep your main item simple. The tiny moulds are made for cupcake toppers but can be attached to bigger chocolate items with a blob of melted chocolate.

Decorations and embellishments

Decorations and embellishments

Another, larger option is these roses. They weigh between 65 and 70 grams each and are solid chocolate. The dark is rocky road rose and the other is strawberry. I have hand painted the inside of the mould with dark pink chocolate, then filled the rest with a lighter colour and blended it slightly onto the surface of the mould. The green leaves were painted first in a similar way using 2 shades of green, however on most of these roses one of the leaves has broken so be sure to cover the leaves with lots of the rose chocolate, even if you over fill and get legs which can be later trimmed. These roses were then dusted with pearl lustre dust. The third is a blackberry rose made using a deep purple shade to hand paint the mould and 2 lighter shades of purple to blend and fill.

Rocky Road & Strawberry Roses

Rocky Road & Strawberry Roses with white edible shimmer dust

Blackberry Rose on Vintage China

Blackberry Rose on Vintage China – These large roses make an excellent embelishment for the top of the pour boxes. You can either secure it with melted chocolate, or just place it on top and secure with the packaging. The rose is hand painted using a dark purple white chocolate inside the mould, then topped with a light purple blackberry flavoured white chocolate. Each rose weighs between 60 and 70 grams.


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