Chocolate Teardrop

Chocolate makes an excellent bowl, or in this case walls, for holding desserts like mousse or fruit. This video is from a recent chocolate class and shows how to create this master piece. As the name suggests, we’re making a tear drop shape which will be closed in a full loop, but without a top or bottom. Watch the demo and follow the instructions below for an impressive dessert.

  1. Cut a strip of transparent film (the kind used at school in those old overhead projectors!)
  2. You’ll need a spoon, foiled tray, breadboard or flat surface, spatular and a relatively strong clip
  3. Melt chocolate in a stainless steel bowl over a water bath
  4. Spoon the chocolate onto the strip of film
  5. Use the spatular on a 45 degree angle to drag the chocolate evenly along the film, be sure to fill in any gaps
  6. Lift the film, tap off any excess on the edges
  7. With the chocolate on the inside, wrap the tear drop so the ends join together, ensuring the chocolate meets to close the tear drop and strengthen it
  8. Place the clip on the top or end of the film, wherever it is needed to attach itself where the chocolate is thick enough to join
  9. Refrigerate for at least an hour
  10. Take out of fridge, remove clip, peel film carefully away.
  11. The shine side should be exposed as it was touching the film, leaving you with a perfect smooth teardrop shape ready to be served for dessert.
  12. These can be made several weeks in advance – they will keep as long as chocolate keeps if you store them in an airtight container away from moisture in the fridge.

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