Gone Chocco Easter Classes

Gone Chocco is our own unique format chocolate class, aimed at beginners who want to produce unique gifts at home without spending a fortune on equipment. Our class is structured to allow you to spend as much time making chocolates as possible, with demonstrations designed to get you started and assist you in producing amazing chocolates to take home and enjoy later.

For an all inclusive cost of $55, you will spend the entire 3 hours eating, learning and making your own chocolate creations. Visit the Facebook event page if you have questions or book your ticket here.

Gone Chocco Easter Classes

Gone Chocco Easter Classes

The Easter Class Times

Class Date Morning Afternoon Evening
Friday 11th April 2014 - - 6pm – 9pm
Saturday 12th April 2014 10am – 1pm 2pm – 5pm -
Sunday 13th April 2014 - 2pm – 5pm -
Monday 14th April 2014 - - 6pm – 9pm

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  • Introduction: Chocolate tasting and discussion of couverture and compound varieties
  • Demonstration: Melting, working with molds, filling chocolates, easter eggs, swirled and painted chocolates, and flavourings
  • Hands On: Make your own filled chocolates, swirled or painted chocolates, easter eggs or whatever inspires you
  • Demonstration: Decorations, basket, tear drop and a lollypop using coloured cocoa butter transfer sheets
  • Hands On: While your molded chocolates set, try your hand at the easy dessert decorating ideas you were just shown to impress at your next dinner party. Then finish off your chocolates by decorating them and packaging them up in our range of bags or boxes to take home or give as gifts.


Chocolate Class Photos

Chocolate Class Photos from our VIP launch in 2010 showing guests filling molds, chocolates chilling, our collection of flavours and pots of coloured chocolate.

The Tools

  • More than 60 mixed mold designs and 15 Easter designs including eggs, ducks, bunnies, chicks, presents, wheels, thongs, lips, hearts, skates, skulls, moustaches, flowers, lollypops, butterflys, leaves, shells, fish, cherubs, clowns, teddy bears, hats, robots, fairies, frogs, santas, snowmen, bells, xmas trees, stars, plus a range of naughty molds for hens parties. Some molds are silicon or polycarbonate, while others are home use plastic so you can experience the different types.
  • 25+ chocolate flavoured oils including red liquorice, butter rum, blueberry, strawberry, cheesecake, butterscotch, lemon, key lime, bubble gum, cotton candy, orange, mint, caramel, keoke coffee, apricot, banana creme, cherry, peanut butter, liquorice, english toffee, butterscotch, orange creme, root beer (sarsparilla), watermelon and more …
  • Powdered and liquid oil based colours to mix any combination
  • Many kg’s of Nestle, Callebaut and generic chocolate brands in dark, milk and white.
White Chocolate Teardrop with Orange and Yellow Design

White Chocolate Teardrop with Orange and Yellow Design. This was made by one of our students after experimenting by dragging liquid oil colours on a transparency sheet with a wide scraper then using it to make a tear drop.

The Venue & Location

  • We’re based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
  • We are working from the Greenhive Kitchen on Vulture Street in West End, just 10 minutes drive from the city.
  • The kitchen offers bench space for a maximum of 20 guests with plenty of fridge space to cool chocolates.
The Greenhive Kitchen

The Greenhive Kitchen

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Checking the Chocolate Mold for the final result

One of our guests checking the Chocolate Mold for the final result. These dome molds might look familiar to some of you – it is actually an egg holder from a fridge! They have a beautiful smooth surface and transfer a high shine to the chocolate, similar to premium quality (and expensive) polycarbonate molds. You can place your ingredients directly into the mold then top with chocolate of your choice. We’ve developed many amazing flavour combinations since discovering this usage for these ‘egg holders’ decades ago. Red liquorice white chocolate and cranberry, butter rum dark chocolate with walnuts, rocky road, ginger and macadamia with bavarian creme white chocolate … the list goes on. We’ll show you some of our favourite ideas at Gone Chocco.

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