How to Make a Chocolate Basket

I posted this video back in 2011 after a chocolate making workshop where we taught a technique which we used in our family restaurant for 17 years. I didn’t think that many people would see it, especially as it was just a very rough test. But anyway … the subject is still interesting and the video explains a really easy way to make a perfect chocolate basket to serve with mousse, fruit or ice cream.


  • Oven bag, cut into 15cm squares
  • Soup Spoon
  • Stainless steel bowl and saucepan for melting chocolate
  • Fluted bowls and cups to place them on as pictured


  • Chocolate (dark, white, milk or any combination of the 3)


  • Put fluted containers in fridge or freezer so they are cold
  • Melt chocolate (at 45 degrees, over a saucepan of hot water)
  • Wipe bench with a damp cloth, place oven┬ápaper over, ┬áthis prevents the oven bag from sliding around while you swirl the chocolate
  • Place a soup spoon of melted chocolate into the centre of each plastic square
  • Swirl it around with the back of the spoon to create a solid, even circle. Stop a few cm from the edges of the baking paper
  • Carefully drape chocolate and paper over cold fluted dish so it gently folds into the fluted shape
  • Place in fridge until chocolate is set
  • Remove plastic, carefully
  • Serve with mousse, icecream, cream, fruit or any dessert of your choice



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