Sandwich Press Omelette

The sandwich press is the only way I can make an omelette. And why fight it when they turn out this good! The edges of the press keep the egg mixture from running out while the non-stick surface is perfect for easily removing the egg. You can also avoid that messy step of flipping the omelette by simply pressing the lid down as soon as the egg is sealed and folding it in half over the ingredients. This recipe serves 2 for breakfast, or brunch.


  • 5 eggs
  • 6 slices salami, pastrami, ham, roast beef or a few slices of smoked salmon, tuna or mushrooms and vegetables for vegetarian
  • Spinach
  • 5 slices of cheese (I am using costo white and orange blend, skip for dairy free or use soy cheese)
  • Pesto, about 2 teaspoons (for dairy free use minced garlic, basil leaves and olive oil whisked with the egg mixture)
  • Splash of milk (almond or rice milk for dairy free)
Sandwich Press Omelette

Sandwich Press Omelette



  • Whisk eggs and milk in a bowl with some pesto
  • Preheat sandwich press
  • Pour egg mixture over hot press, allowing it to run to edges
  • Seal for 2 minutes
  • Build ingredients over one side of the egg as illustrated above, slightly less than half of the width of the press
  • When the eggs are sealed, fold the empty side over the ingredients using an egg flip or even 2 egg flips. (Plastic on a non-stick surface!!)
  • Use your fingers to adjust the blanket of egg over the ingredients if necessary before folding down the lid and leaving for approximately 4 minutes
  • I usually check the omelette at this stage and spin it around before giving it another 2 minutes with the lid down
  • Use your egg flips (PLASTIC!) to cut your omelette in half, then lift the omelette onto a nearby plate and serve with whole egg mayonnaise or a spoonful of salsa


Sandwich Press Omelette

Sandwich Press Omelette – Post folding, pre pressing



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