Sprouted Rye Chocolate Balls

These healthy snack treats are made using a sprouted rye bread, moist enough to mix and roll into balls for a treat during the week. This particular blend from Pure Life Bakery is much more suited to this recipe due to the moist nature of the bread. The only other wet ingredient in this recipe is some coconut oil to help with setting when refrigerated.


Sprouted Rye Balls

Sprouted Rye Balls



  • 150g sprouted rye bread from Pure Life Bakery
  • 150g date spread (stewed, ground, strained dates with ginger & cinnamon!)
  • 50g Cocoa powder
  • 1tbsp coconut oil


Sprouted Rye Balls

Sprouted Rye Chocolate Balls Rolled in Coconut


  • Grind together with hands until all ingredients combined, using the moisture of the bread to absorb the cocoa
  • Roll into balls
  • If too wet add a tbsp coconut flour and roll in coconut to serve
  • Store for a few days in fridge
Sprouted Rye Balls

Sprouted Rye Balls finished & ready to eat, a dense & healthy treat for the working week

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